Over the years, a number of shitcomics narratives have become loosely interwoven into what we call the shitcomics universe. These narratives are collected here, for your viewing pleasure, in chronological order. Enjoy, and please don't steal.

Clarence the Stupid Pony is the first instalment in the shitcomics universe, although it was not meant to be so at the time (2015). It started off innocently enough - just a stupid pony doing stupid things. It was then roped in, after the fact, in Daily Doodles (which follows it).

Daily Doodles is really where the shitcomics universe got started. Initially begun as an excuse to draw everyday, this 2016 project quickly descended into madness. The project ran out of steam a couple of months after beginning, and wasn't picked up again until 2018 when The Termination of Mr Colmes popped up (see below).

How World Is was, like Clarence the Stupid Pony, roped into the expanded shitcomics universe retrospectively.
Originally standalone doodles from 2017, How World Is got incorporated in passing in the second chapter of The Termination of Mr Colmes.. But that's enough to earn it a spot in this digital graveyard.

The Termination of Mr Colmes is (thus far) the most recent addition to the shitcomics universe, from 2018. As with each other addition, it did not begin as such. The universe's narrative forced itself upon the comic, though.

So, is that it? Is that the end of the shitcomics universe? Maybe... Although there's this little snippet from 2019 which begs to differ... Keep posted for more.